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Australia’s Highest Paying Gold Buyers

If you have gold jewellery lying around that you don’t wear or pieces passed down from generation to generation, get fast cash by selling off your gold jewellery to us.

Value of gold isn’t prone to severe price fluctuations globally, therefore, it is a wise idea to get your unused gold jewellery sold off, and receive instant cash in return.

Whether you’re in a financially tricky situation or need to meet the gap in a down payment for a big purchase, take your hands off of any gold pieces, coins etc by selling it off to Dlux Jewellers for a market competitive price, as we’re the highest paying Gold buyer.

Some examples of what we accept and buy when it comes to gold:

Gold chains, rings, necklaces, earrings, coins, gold biscuits and any broken gold pieces from 9 to 24 karat.

So don’t wait, and get your instant cash for your gold accessories right away!

gold buyers
diamond earrings
Diamond Valuations

Best And Fastest Diamond Buying Service

Are you looking to sell loose diamonds? And don’t want to be stuck in a long, drawn out selling process that can take months or even a year? Then head over to Dlux Jewellers as we offer a quick and seamless process for our customers to sell off loose diamonds.

You can also apply online to book an appointment for an inspection, and the entire process is fairly easy, here’s what you can do:

  • First go to our website, and fill out the application form to sell diamonds.
  • After receiving the details, we’ll send you a tentative price quote.
  • Now you can schedule an appointment to have your loose diamonds inspected.
  • Or you can ship them over to us as well.
  • Once inspection is given an “All Clear” you’ll get paid either by cash, cheque or money transfer.

An important thing to note is that the value of your loose diamonds will depend largely on the diamond’s carat weight, cut, clarity and colour grade. After inspection by our certified experts, we can give you a personalised price quote for your loose diamonds.

Selling loose diamonds may seem like a long and tedious process, however, with Dlux Jewellers we ensure that our clients get the best and fastest service when it comes to selling their valuables for money. Therefore, working with us is a safe, secure, and reliable option.

Luxury Watches

We Love Luxury Designer Watches

Are you tired of wearing your luxury watch and want to buy a new one?

Then sell it off to Dlux Jewellers at a market competitive price and browse second hand luxury designer watches available at our stores as well. We buy many high end, luxury branded watches ranging from Rolex, Cartier, Hublot and more.

Depending on the condition of your watch, availability of paperwork, box and links, and whether or not it is limited edition, you’ll receive a price quote. The more components you have available and mint condition watch, the better the price you will receive from us.

gold watch

Sell Your Unwanted Gold, Diamonds, Luxury Watches And Other Valuables

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