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Custom Jewellery Granville

Purchase Custom Men's Jewellery In Granville

If it’s an anniversary or a special event, you cannot go wrong with your jewellery. In case you wish to buy an engagement ring to pop the question to your beau, you can trust the craftsmen at Dlux Jewellers here at Granville.

When you’re looking to purchase custom men’s jewellery, you need to pay more attention to the item that you’re finally going to purchase. Is it exactly as per the design of your choice? Is its weight comfortable to wear for you? These are all the small questions that need to be taken into account. Personalised jewellery can take a lot of time, but our team at Dlux Jewellers knows how to do the job right to satisfy your needs.

Dlux Jewellers: Fulfilling All Your Needs Regarding Personalised Jewellery

If there’s one jewellery store that can satisfy all your complex specifications when it comes to diamond jewellery, it is Dlux Jewellers. We have been serving jewellery buyers across Parramatta and Granville for many years. When you choose Dlux Jewellers for custom men’s jewellery, all your needs will be addressed. Our team will take its time to understand your specific requirements for personalised jewellery, be it engagement rings or diamond jewellery. Once we are sure about what you need, we will work on the concept and present the best possible customised piece of jewellery that you have always wanted.

How Do Dlux Jewellers Personalise Your Jewellery?

You must be curious to understand how Dlux Jewellers brings your design ideas to life. Here are some key highlights of our services in personalised jewellery:

  • We try to understand the importance of following your specifications when it comes to custom men’s jewellery. We put it into a 3D design first so that there’s no confusion later on. If you’re good to go with the 3D design exactly, we are going to start with the work immediately. In case you need things to be fixed, we will get it done before the design is brought to reality. In this way, the chances of confusion are negligible.
  • Every diamond is hand picked by our experienced craftsman for quality and beauty. Even if you desire to purchase gold or silver engagement rings, we will ensure the best quality and aesthetic appeal on them as well. So you can expect a jewellery item that’s going to last for a long period from us. Moreover, its beauty is going to stay intact as well.
  • There’s a completion certificate that includes an analysis of various characteristics. Some of these characteristics include shape and cutting style, measurement, carat weight, colour grade, cut grade, finish and polish.

Merits Of Choosing Dlux Jewellers

There are various advantages of choosing Dlux Jewellers for personalised jewellery. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages:

Quality You Can Trust

The biggest merit of choosing us to get jewellery items is our quality. We manufacture custom men’s jewellery in such a manner that maximum quality of jewellery is ensured. The quality reflects on our items as they last for a fairly long period.

Wide Range Of Styles

When you buy engagement rings from us, you can get tons of styles on them. Some of these styles include Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald Cut, Heart, Pear, Marquise, Trillion, Baguette, Heart or cushion. As we have already said, the quality of these styles is going to be amazing.

Right Price

Another good thing about choosing our personalised jewellery is that you get the right price on these items. We make sure that the most reasonable price is offered to all our customers.

If you still have some doubts that you need to clarify, you should contact us at 02 9687 5349. You can also mail us at if you prefer to drop an email.


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